Manitoba's largest machine shop - Kinetic Machine Works - plasma cutting - water jet cutting - laser cutting - custom metal fabrication - tanks - architectural - cosmetic stainless steel parts - rolled and form parts exotic alloy welding - CNC machining - large capacity - machining parts up to 25 feet in diameter • single piece to production runs - mobile crane service - millwrights - welders - machining - maintenance - fabrication


Siggi Oliver

Built a 65 ft. long 80,000 lbs tug boat for Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Canada. All mechanical, electrical and structural work was completed in-house.


Dallas Faye:

Built a 60 ft. long 68,000 lb work vessel for a local hydro company. Overhaul replacing 80% of the vessel, doing all the mechanical, electrical, structural welding, sand blasting, painting and machining in-house.



Built a 80 ft. long work barge and commissioned it at Notigi, Manitoba for a local hydro company.


Saskatchewan Cable Ferry:

80 % hull refit


Craneway Door at Point du bois Dam:

Designed, manufactured and installed a new craneway opening door.


Gerdau MRM Steel:

Building industrial equipment, stairs, catwalks, Billet Bay platform project with 750 ft. of platforms, ladle roofs, scrap buckets with parts weighting up to 48,000 lbs. Plus many other projects over the last 12 years. Projects ranged in size from small to millions per year.

If you would like a tour of our facilities and current projects of similar size and weight, please give us a call at 204-785-1536.